About Us

Robson Frankham is a dedicated fire engineering company working in both the existing and new build environments. We have experience working in almost all sectors, including transport, residential, commercial, education and healthcare.

For our clients that utilise our services for their existing buildings, we can provide external wall surveys, drawing reviews, fire engineering studies and produce existing building fire strategies. These surveys can be invaluable, particularly when producing Building Safety Cases, or even just to ensure the safety of the building occupants. Where there is a desire to extend or build above existing buildings, we can work actively within the design teams to ensure all relevant guidance is met and to discuss the proposals with the approving authorities.

When working on new developments, both commercial and residential, we can provide fire engineering support from start to finish; this is particularly crucial when working on residential buildings given the recent changes to the approvals process detailed in the Building Safety Bill.

Our team, whilst working within the overall design team, would typically produce a general fire safety overview and site wide fire service access review at concept design stage, which will then be developed into a planning stage fire strategy and fire statement which can be used as part of the Gateway 1 submission (relevant residential buildings only). Once the design is developed throughout RIBA Stages 3 & 4, a full building fire strategy would be produced for approval by all relevant parties, most notably Building Control and the Fire Service. Throughout this process we would be active within design team meetings with the focus on getting the design approved with the necessary authorities (Gateway 2 for relevant residential buildings).

Following the commencement of work on any project we are also able to offer a fire safety site inspection role during construction, which would be dedicated to the inspection of the fire safety elements of the building as they are installed.