Fire Safety Site Inspections

To ensure that all the hard work that has gone into designing a building that offers the desired level of fire safety, from internal layouts to the external façade, we offer the Fire Safety Site Inspector (FSSI).

We are able to offer independent assurance by deploying our own FSSI for any medium to long term construction projects.

Combining the expertise of both our Fire Safety Management Team and our Fire Engineering Department this approach is in line with the ‘Golden Thread’ approach and ensures projects are focused on the original design strategy, Reg 38 information and 3rd party accredited inspection.

The FSSI would begin their involvement during the latter stages of design through to completion:

  • RIBA Stage 4 – The FSSI would begin their involvement to ensure they have a full understanding of the products and systems that are proposed to be installed in/on the building/s
  • RIBA Stage 5 – Regular site inspections and witness testing provides comfort that the correct items are being installed as designed. All visits are recorded and any relevant contractor photographic record keeping, and certification will be reviewed
  • RIBA Stage 6 – The suite of evidence, recorded, collated and reviewed by the FSSI during construction, can be incorporated into the O&M Manuals so the end user has full confidence that the fire safety elements of the building design have been fully and correctly incorporated in to the final construction